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Some of our projects are not funded by any source, but we continue to implement them because we suppose they are important.

One domain of such unfunded work is the creation of infographics that allow to present complex data in a concise and effective way. We put infographics in the public domain for free and they can be used by all interested stakeholders – policy makers, physicians, patient organisations, and citizens. You can look at the infographics about chronic kidney disease impact on people’s health at the global, regional and country levels. We strongly believe that these infographics will help to raise awareness about the condition that affects almost 700 million people worldwide and leads annually to 3.2 million deaths. However, the final goal is not only to raise awareness and call for action by local health authorities – but to improve the availability of prevention and treatment measures for people in all countries.

Another domain of unsupported activity is the development of tools that are primarily used by the professional scientific and medical community. As an example, consider the CRAN R package kidney.epi that allows to easily perform calculation of certain kidney-related metrics during data analysis in screening programs, observational studies, or clinical trials of any size, or the catalogue of journals focused on rare (orphan) diseases and medical genetics that physicians can use to facilitate knowledge sharing.

These and other unfunded projects are interesting for us and are beneficial for the public good. However, we should balance paid and unpaid activities, because work on both types of projects is strongly dependent on overall financing. If you like the results of our unfunded projects – you can support their future development!

There are several ways you can support us and help to implement ongoing projects.

You can make a one-time or regular donation. Any amount is appreciated.

Currently only Paypal donations are possible, let us know if you prefer other ways.

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Support by sharing knowledge about our work.

You can support by telling about our services to your colleagues in university or research institute, your business partners, or to your local public administration representatives.

Support by providing feedback.

If you like our projects or final products, please feel free to to tell us about it. You can tell how you used them or how our projects helped you to achieve your goals. Positive feedback is always encouraging, especially in the case of unfunded projects. If you will permit, we would be happy to share your opinion on our web-site or on our social network accounts.