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Manuscript revision

Manuscript preparation is one of the most crucial tasks in research activity. After submission, a manuscript is briefly reviewed by an editor who makes the initial decision on whether to reject or process your work. In the case of a positive decision on this step, the manuscript will be sent to reviewers who evaluate all aspects of your work. If we consider an original article, reviewers evaluate abstract content, how well the “Introduction” rationales for the performed research and presents the major goals of your analysis, whether the “Methods” provides enough details for technical aspects of the research, to which extent the “Results” correspond to the research goals, whether all tables and figures are clear and provide substantial information, does the “Discussion” contains comparison with actual studies in the field and rigorously evaluate the research findings. In addition to this, reviewers also look at the correct use of English language, clear text formatting, and signs of research misconduct or contradictions in different manuscript parts. Having reviewers’ reports, the editor decides whether to accept, revise, or reject the manuscript.

Of note, the majority of manuscripts are rejected after submission because the quality is not sufficient for the selected journal due to inadequate data analysis, inappropriate results presentation, English language issues, or other factors. The rejection is frustrating, but it provides some clues on how to improve the manuscript. The editor’s decision to consider the manuscript but revise it could also be challenging for the authors. Sometimes the next successful submission occurs only after a revision of the results presentation, but usually it requires more work on all manuscript sections. However, in many cases the careful pre-submission manuscript revision by qualified external reviewers allows to substantially improve the manuscript quality, and greatly increases the chances of manuscript acceptance. The manuscript pre-submission revision also saves substantial time, considering that the journal first feedback on the submitted manuscript could take weeks or even months.

Scientific-Tools.Org staff provides several services for manuscript revision before submission. We carefully check all aspects of the initial draft and make recommendations for manuscript improvement. Having these recommendations, the authors could decide how they would like to proceed, and whether they will implement necessary corrections by themselves or will ask Scientific-Tools.Org to assist in drafting manuscript sections and preparing figures and tables. Feel free to contact us for a preliminary consultation about your manuscript revision.