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Cambridge Rare Disease Summit 2023 - RAREsummit23

July 14, 2023

Scientific-Tools.Org is delighted to become the media partner of the 6th Cambridge Rare Disease Summit that will take place 12 October 2023!

RAREsummit23 is leading the way in patient centred collaboration to improve outcomes for those living with rare conditions. It provides the infrastructure that unites patients, advocates, experts and leaders to address the challenges faced by people affected by rare diseases. By sharing knowledge and experience, the journey towards better diagnosis, treatment and support for patients and their families is smoother and more certain. Rare disease patients and their families are tired of waiting for answers and the slow pace of change. They want to be involved and share their lived experiences to help companies, researchers, healthcare professionals and policy-makers find answers and solutions. Hear from, learn from and engage in cross-sector activities with a range of stakeholders: patients; patient advocacy groups; researchers; health care professionals, tech and pharma companies who are leading the way in pioneering partnerships to accelerate change.

RAREsummit23 has the following aims:

  • to raise awareness of rare conditions and their impact
  • to showcase exemplars of impactful collaboration between stakeholders, with patients at the heart
  • to bring all stakeholders in rare diseases together as equals to drive patient group, researcher and industry partnering opportunities
  • to give stakeholders the knowledge and skills to ensure their practices involve patients and their advocates as essential partners
  • to improve the lives of rare disease patients, together, with greater efficiency, collaboration and success

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